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└(o ⇔ o)┘ =33333 by 着香料

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As you get older, you realize that reading fanfiction is like winning the lottery.

You click on the story and anticipate reading one hell of a tale. Sometimes you win and get that story that gives you the feels (in a good way). Most of the time, instead of that mind blowing experience, you become more painfully aware of the poor grammar, incomplete plots, unappealing out of character personalities, and (worst of all) Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

You then have two options:
1) Stick through it and pray that it will get better, or…
2) Hit that back button and try again.

I hate growing up.

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God dammit, Sasuke…

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"Thou art I, and I am thou. From the sea of thy soul I cometh."

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When the waves below the pier begin to sway with the morning sunlight.

A swift motion stops the alarm.
Kicking off the twisted bedsheets, he stretches his arms and legs.

The sunligt peeks in from the curtains, hitting his desk spotlight a group of photographs taken on “that day”

"Have a good day"
Hearing a voice sending him off from behind, he hurriedly heads out the door.

As he looks up from his bicycle, the blue summer sky lies before him…

Taichi, 17, high school days.

Once again,
the adventure evoles

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Persona 5 Trailer - The Protagonist (x)

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Persona 5 TGS Trailer

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I want to watch Arashi in Hawaii…

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That was… funny but hurtful. +10pts

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Just watching Girl Meets World when I noticed something

Take a closer look

Sound Familiar?

im not crying youre crying

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Well if this isn’t just the cutest


Don’t think I’ve ever blogged the whole comic, in its entire adorableness…

You’re welcome :)

A-Babies VS. X-Babies. Written by Skottie Young. Art by Gurihiru.

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frozen, a movie in which ANNA(RUTO) promises to bring ELSA(SUKE) back to the village?? i’m onto you, disney

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