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Just finished Makoto’s route…

And all I can say is “wow”.

This guy’s got some serious issues.

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by  にじこ

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by  にじこ

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Finally playing a game that the MC basically says

"Fuck you and your sexiest bullshit."

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my reaction to the end of episode 25 of Attack on Titan

wth this is where we end? i need moreeeeee

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Ok so, Haruma Miura has been confirmed as a cast member for the Shingeki no Kyojin live action and, even if most people instantly jumped on the Eren wagon, others say that his role on the movie has not been confirmed. Still, I wanted to try him as Eren and I made him a poster to see how it looked. This is the result. 

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Gender-bent Disney princes make meaningful point about the fluidity of gender

To combat the strict stereotypes that Disney princes and princesses represent, some geniuses at Imgur have started swapping the genders of Disney characters. Genderbent Disney shows that Disney clearly gets a little lazy when it comes to reusing their character molds, making it surprisingly easy to look more feminine. To make a male character look more classically feminine, for example, all you need to do is round the chin, soften the jaw and make the nose a little slimmer.

But with the simplicity of these alterations — a few millimeters of nose, a different hairstyle — Disney accidentally makes a meaningful point about the fluidity of gender expression.

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This Beautiful Artworks are from Chai Kah Yee

Lookie guys sillynessa, shiinakey and themcdiaries

[[Kindly credit her when you reblog this, Dont remove the captions and own its yours, Okay? ^_^ Thank you~]]

She’s an awesome member of Be My Princess Group, Created by Cindi Lai

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by Asuka (South Korea) ft. 青春 via WorldCosplay

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I had a desire to listen to Matta Ashita on YouTube (because it’s Anime OST day in my head), and one of the comments for the video says “I don’t like Haruhi’s singing voice”.

B-but… that’s Maaya Sakamoto.

Needless to say, I died a little inside.

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Introducing… FLAPPY BERT! 

Play now: